Friday, August 24, 2007


i want one of these.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

anti-kris aquino or my reflection on the 2007 philippine elections

May 20, 2007

It is often said that it is darkest before light. Quite a dramatic contrary, however, this does not apply to us, the Philippines as a whole. We have been living in the dark for as long as any living soul could remember. Sometimes, I think we've sadly forgotten how it is to see the light. Rottenness abound here, and the election scarily is not an exemption. Ruffa and Yilmaz may have been squabbling across the papers, much to my disappointment, and the election candidates are not a notch different. Such childish, disgusting horrors! And our future depends on them? What a freaking crying shame!

I had a rare chance to get my feet wet in Bula, Camarines Sur. I volunteered as PPCRV staff, although quite reluctantly, but anyway, it may as well be another astounding experience for me. Amidst all the clamour and chaos happening within the precincts, I was stationed among the coffee laden quick count workstations. The minutes and the hours ticked as we painstakingly tallied every sacred vote. The skyline changed colors from happy yellow into jet black and still we counted, and counted and tallied and sipped coffee. Slowly, surely, it crept into me. Something had formed within the bellows in me. Some form of understanding, scary, horrific, hopeful and disgusting at the same time, but in a very slightly positive way, I guess. Before me, while the tube flickered erratically, formed the future. I thought about the children, all the people that will go hungry, all the people that will become rich, all the people that will become powerful. As the tube flickered its numbers, the future wasted away. It was the same people, the same boring shmuck, the same familiar name rolling before my eyes. "Have we ever learned anything?", I asked myself. I guess we have not. Three hundred years of oppression taught us nothing! Up until this very moment, we are being enchained by our idiocy. The same people, the same familiar family names gets the positions. Where are the leaders, the real leaders of the poor, the leader of the people?

Many, a sad conclusion, but hope is not completely lost. I know, that thing that crept into me crept into somebody else too. I know I am not alone. I know that amidst the darkness and corruption lies people, thinking, wishing and hoping for clear skies. The May elections may be a disaster, but future elections shouldn't be, we'll be there to make sure it won't. Let's also make sure Kris Aquino does not run for president. :)

update: August 22, 2007 I actually heard from the news last night that Kris "Ms.VD" Aquino is actually considering running for vice presidency in 2010. Crap!

Monday, August 06, 2007

no more prison blues

prison just got a lot cooler!

fifteen hundred inmates from cebu got jiggy with jacko's thriller. awesome!


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

vice tv reveals: what i didn’t know i didn’t want to know but now i do and the world looks different

here's something that will really gross you out, apparently this is very real in Colombia and in many parts of the world. gwark!!!

part 1

if the video doesn't show click here.

part 2

if the video doesn't show click here.

part 3

if the video doesn't show click here.

so now that you have seen it all, you can go kill yourself. totally gruesome! hahahaha!

a few notable pics from today's artic.

where to put the what of my dog???

oh please please please... it's floor hard clean the.

i'd like to try learn that fucking lesson. :-)