Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a life less ordinary

I wouldn’t consider my life to be interesting enough to write about, expose to the world and ultimately cause a maniacal mass hysteria like what Livin’ La Vida Loca did to popular mainstream history, but my life is indeed a fun, painful roller coaster ride for me.

I was born in a small town 52 kilometers south of Naga City on St. Lorenzo Ruiz’ feast day, September 28, 1979. Two years later we moved to Naga. Elementary years proved very challenging but somehow I managed to stay and compete in the honor’s section. In 1992, The Four Pillars of Ateneo de Naga High School welcomed me into their all boys’ high school with an academic excellence that’s incomparable in Bicol. My stay there further enhanced the knowledge and virtues that was planted by my parents and my first teachers. College, on the other hand was the time when I explored a lot of stuff, did some pretty crazy things but alas, here I am, all in one piece I guess.

I have been keeping my journals as a hobby and as an outlet for my overly jumbled scheme of existence. Somehow, it has been my most dedicated listener, confiding my most sacred thoughts, my seemingly diabolical plans, and my most intimate emotions. It all started way back in elementary when, out of the blue, I picked up my pen and begun writing my thoughts about this girl that I had the biggest crush on. My love for writing didn’t die when my crush for her faded away. I have been keeping journals ever since.

Two years ago, I begun writing blogs online which, I realized, proved very convenient to establish and ruin relationships, but my articles had not been confined to mere topics about relationships and heartaches. I have repercussions ranging from SLR cameras to festivals to projects recently undertaken with my new distraction, motorcycles and digital photography.

Indeed, my life might sound interesting enough but it is far from interesting. It is a life of sheer pleasure and excitement that I and the people around me made. It is a life unending, a life less ordinary.