Wednesday, November 15, 2006

am i my brother's keeper?

“Each man is his brother’s Cain.” —Primo Levi

Paul Rusesabagina, substantially and amazingly portrayed by Don Cheadle is the unsurpassable example of what a true leader should be, irregardless of color or ethnic orientation, he is there to extend a helping hand. He possesses the Great Man Theory of effective management in a mere fact that the situation he was in drove him to become an exceptional leader. When drove to a crisis, he used his resources (the hotel) as a refugee sanctuary saving more than a thousand poor Tutsi and Hutu souls drove into a 21st century genocide. What more brutal than the slain of a million persons? The utter wipeout of an entire nation! Why has this not come to our senses? When Saddam invaded Kuwait in ’91, the world watched as the US led its troops into restoring peace, why has this not happened on the Rwandans? I can ultimately concluded that it has something to do with the black gold. Brutal, but amidst the barbarism and insanity rose one man driven to be a savior. Paul, democratically proves that leaders need not dictate his orders but instead takes his power from the needs and requests of his subjects. True leadership requires that everybody should benefit from the decisions made. Paul, abandoned himself and in one scene, his family, when he refused to ride the truck to the camp. That line of thinking deserves a wreath on Paul’s head, a wreath for his heroism, an applause for his courage.

The Rwandan genocide is not without controversy. It happened in ’94 amidst high speed communications and 24 hour news and yet under our noses, almost a million souls perished in one of our history’s most insane mass murder. Are we our brother’s keeper? Definitely yes.

“You cannot seriously think that you can kill them all.” - Paul Rusesabagina

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