Thursday, April 17, 2008

everyone thinks otherwise, dude

Now, photography has become some sort of a fad. I've seen coño kids with SLRs strolling on malls. I personally know quite a handful of "photographers" per sh*t. One thing I noticed is that everyone thinks they can capture a good picture. After all, taking a picture is as easy as pointing and shooting. The reality though is that being a photographer, a good photographer, takes much much more than just pushing that little shutter button. I can't boast of any photographic acclaim myself but I'm humble enough to admit that I'm a newbie, a rookie, a toddler at photography. [although there are newbs who, after some talk-in-talk with "experienced" photographers, think they know it all and they act like they know it all, but that's another story]

Buying the latest, fasted, humongously ultrapixelized SLR, however, doesn't make you a photographer, it simply makes you an SLR owner.

Commitment to learn, practice and love your craft, that makes a photographer, and probably a good photographer to say the least.

Now go and strap TNT stick across your chest, and while your at it, why don't you take your friends with you, bugger.


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